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Peach flowers bloom vividly during the wintry days.
The beauty of peach flowers.
Interspersed between peach flower gardens are seasonal flowers, painting a beautiful spring picture.
Nhat Tan’s famous peach blossoms signal the coming of a new spring.
Tourists enjoy the beauty of the peach flower garden.
Flowers are carefully and gracefully nurtured to be ready for Tet.
The beauty of Nhat Tan peach blossoms conquer customer’s hearts
Gardeners are ready to serve customers
Age-old peach trees are the most favored
Many people have already bought peach trees to enjoy the New Year atmosphere early
Sellers enthusiastically serve their customers
Flowers are taken to the market
Nhat Tan is crowded before Tet
Nhat Tan peach flowers are sold near Quang An flower market
Peach branches are sold by vendors on Hanoi streets
Peach branches are on every corner of Hanoi’s streets

Colorful blossoms bloom in Nhat Tan flower village before Tet

(VOVWORLD) -As the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival approaches, Hanoi’s flower villages are blossoming with colorful fresh flowers of various kinds.  Nhat Tan peach blossoms are renowned for their big blooms, thick petals and vivid colors. Let's visit Nhat Tan flower village, one of the most famous and largest flower baskets in Hanoi.

Ngo Thanh Hai