Brazilian President pledges to defend justice and democracy

(VOVworld) -  Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff announced on Friday that she will take the stand to defend herself at her impeachment trial in the Senate on August 25.
Brazilian President pledges to defend justice and democracy - ảnh 1
Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff (Photo: Reuters)

Rousseff told foreign media that she hopes justice and democracy will be honored and that she cannot let the Senate be controlled by those carrying out the coup. The impeachment trial is scheduled to last until August 29th when Rousseff will deliver her speech at the Congress. This will be the first trial she has ever attended since her presidency was suspended in May.

President Rousseff was accused of violating Brazil's financial accountability laws by allegedly using funds from state banks without the Congress’ approval to cover budget shortfalls in 2014.

In the coming trial, if 54 (two third) of Senators voted “yes”, Rouseff will officially be dismissed, putting an end to 13 years of the leftwing administration. In that case, the power will be handed over to incumbent Prime Minister Michel Temer untill the end of 2018.


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