Japan lifts evacuation of Fukushima town

(VOVworld) - The Japanese government on Saturday lifted an evacuation order for the small town of Naraha, which was imposed since the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Fukushima prefecture. The town is within the 20-kilometer radius that the government evacuated after a March 2011 earthquake unleashed a tsunami that damaged reactors at the nuclear plant.

Japan lifts evacuation of Fukushima town - ảnh 1
People lit candles to celebrate at Naraha town in Fukushima as the Japanese government lifts an evacuation order to Naraha , after a clean-up program has lowered radiation levels in the area. (photo: CNN)

The government said radiation levels at Naraha have fallen to acceptable levels after decontamination work and all people can return to houses.
A celebration was held to mark the event with the participation of about 100 people and government officials. All houses lit candle to mark the town’s revival. So far, about 10% of the local residents have registered to stay in the town.

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