Pope Francis arrives in Cuba, calls for reconciliation

(VOVworld) – Arriving for the first time in Cuba, Pope Francis called Saturday upon President Raúl Castro and US President Barack Obama to further the process of reconciliation between the two countries.

Pope Francis arrives in Cuba, calls for reconciliation  - ảnh 1
Pope Francis waves from his popemobile as he leaves the airport and arrives to Havana, Cuba, Saturday, Sept. 19, 2015. (Photo: AP)

Speaking in Havana on Saturday, Mr. Castro thanked the pope for his support to encourage reestablishment of diplomatic ties between the US and Cuba, after the half-of-a-century hostility, stunning people world-wide.

The Pope plans to celebrate Sunday Mass in Havana’s Plaza of the Revolution. He plans to travel to the eastern city of Holguín and then on to Santiago, Cuba’s second-largest city.

After Cuba, Pope Francis will travel to the US and deliver a speech at the US Congress and the UN General Assembly.

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