Tropical typhoon Nida hits China’s Guangdong province

(VOVworld) - Typhoon Nida hit Dapeng peninsula in Shenzhen city, in China's southern Guangdong province, on the early morning of August 2.
Tropical typhoon Nida hits China’s Guangdong province - ảnh 1
The cleanup is now underway in China's Guangdong province

Guangdong provincial weather authorities said the strong typhoon packing winds up to 151.2 km/hour was moving northwest at 25 km per hour. Local people were warned to stockpile food and other essentials and stay at home.
Typhoon Nida, which passed over the Philippines, is set to be the strongest typhoon in the region since 1983. Hundreds of thousands of passengers were affected as trains, ferries and planes were cancelled. Thousands of workers have been evacuated from an offshore oil platform and from tunnels and bridges being built to link Hong Kong with two other cities.
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