Vietnamese literary value promoted internationally

(VOVworld) – About 150 Vietnamese and international writers, poets, translators, and researchers from 40 countries and territories gathered on Monday at the third international conference to introduce Vietnamese literature to international friends.

Vietnamese literary value promoted internationally - ảnh 1
Outstanding Vietnamese writers and poets are introduced within the seminar's framework (Photo: VNA)

It’s part of the 2015 Vietnam Poetry Day which has opened in Hanoi, Quang Ninh and Bac Ninh northern provinces.

Poet Tran Nhuan Minh, a member of the organizing board, said the event aims to promote the values of Vietnamese literature and its achievements. Minh elaborated: “Vietnamese literature has had many outstanding moments which are on a par with other world achievements but aren’t widely known about. The organizing of these conferences is to help poets, writers, translators, professors, and researchers around the globe pay more attention to Vietnam’s literature and acknowledge its contributions to the world’s literary history.

The conference has become a cultural rendezvous for poets and literary researchers to discuss professional matters and better understand Vietnamese poetry. It’s also an opportunity for international friends to learn more about the Vietnamese people and their aspirations towards independence and peace.




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