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The road to A Pa Chai, starting from Lai Chau city, is an interesting journey especially when travelling through the wild yellow anemone on a winter day.
Wild yellow anemone along the road through Phong Tho. The Lai Chau mountains are majestic and extremely romantic. The roads are arduous but exciting.
Sunset sunset on the road from Pa Tan to Muong Te
Skirting the banks of the Da River is an unforgettable experience. Nearly 100 km from the town of Muong Te to Pac Ma, you can see the deep blue river between the towering and magnificent mountains.
A section of the Da River from Muong Te to Pac Ma
The journey to conquer Milestone Zero A PA Chai goes through the 317 border-guard post. Because this is a border region, you must go through very strict checks. You need to bring identification and report at the border post, then the leader of the station will send a soldier to lead you to the zero border marker.
A Pa Chai border guard station. From the border post to milestone zero you have to travel nearly 10 km.
Slippery slopes from the foot of Khoan La San mountain to the Milestone Zero
The marker was installed with the agreement of Vietnam, Laos, and China in 2005. Made of granite, it is two metres high and has three sides facing the three nations. Each side is engraved with information in each language and the national emblem of each country. Conquering Milestone No Zero A Pa Chai, the westernmost point of Vietnam's mainland, is an interesting journey.

A Pa Chai - Vietnam's westernmost point bordering Laos and China

(VOVWORLD) -The westernmost point of Vietnam's mainland, Milestone No Zero A Pa Chai is located at the T-junction of Vietnam-Laos-China border in Sin Thau Commune, Muong Nhe District, Dien Bien province. There's a joke that A Pa Chai is the place where a rooster crows, people in all three countries of Vietnam, Laos, and China can hear.

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