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Binh Lieu, 130 km from Ha Long city, boasts a mild climate and is home to a range of stunning landscapes.
Visitors are able to savor the scenery along the road bordering China while they travel along the winding roads to Binh Lieu.
In autumn, the winding road heading to Binh Lieu is covered with white grass flowers, attracting a large number of visitors.
October is also the riping season in Binh Lieu. Let’s admire the stunning view of small wooden houses nestled in terraced fields of Binh Lieu
With more than 96% of the local population are the Tay, Dao, San, and Chi ethnic minorities, Binh Lieu boasts a rich culture. Visitors are offered a chance to participate in the daily activities of the local people
isitors are also able to appreciate unique embroidering skills with unique decorative patterns and motifs embracing features of the local life of the Dao
They can pick vegetables and prepare meals with a host family
Foreigners learn how to cook fried noodle, a specialty in the Dong Van market
Faren Rebecca Rajkumar from the United States works in an English centre in Ha Long city and is eager to teach the local Tay children English pronunciation.
Binh Lieu is also home to many magnificent waterfalls. The 100-meter Khe Van waterfall is one of the attractions.
A range of majestic mountains such as Cao Ly, Cao Xiêm, and Cao Ba Lanh can serve as campsites for visitors.

Binh Lieu - ideal destination for visitors during autumn

(VOVWORLD) -   Binh Lieu district is one of popular destinations for any visitors to Quang Ninh province aside from Ha Long Bay and Yen Tu mountain.