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The village is home to about 40 households grilling fish for sales.
Hoang Van Tuan, a local says, many years ago he had to get up at 3 or 4 a.m to buy fresh fish from local beaches and seaports for grilling.
Nowadays, he says local villagers have built cold storages at home to store large quantities of fish.
A variety of fish species, including fesh mackerel and herring, are collected, cleaned and arranged in rows on grills before they are baked with charcoal.
Each batch of fish is grilled for 10-15 minutes
Nguyen Thi Mai, 58, says that each day local villagers grill between 100 and 300 kilograms of fish for sales.
"We have to wear thick clothes to cope with the searing heat from the oven and extreme hot weather in summer," MaI says.
She reveals that she hires some employees to be paid 250,000 VND (11 USD) per day each.
Once completed, the grilled fish are distributed to dealers in nearby neighbourhoods.

Grilled fish making village busy on scorching summer days

(VOVWORLD) - Trung Hau village in Dien Chau district of central Nghe An province has been well known for its delicious grilled fish for years.