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“Weather” by Robert J Ford is a collection of 150 photos which clearly demonstrate how the weather affects us all. The book contains shots of violent tornadoes, moody mists and fogs, powerful lightning storms, and fierce blizzards.
This shot of a lightning storm in Ha Long Bay is one of the most amazing images posted by MailOnline. Author Ford explains that lightning occurs when electricity travels between two areas of particles which are oppositely charged.
Here is another other reprinted from the book by MailOnline Travel. Pictured is a tornado in Colorado in the United States.
This 170-metre-high dune was captured at Amib-Naukluft National Park in Namibia.
A drying forest in the Tatacoa Desert, Colombia. MailOnline Ford says the Tatacoa Desert is not really a desert, but is actually a semi-arid tropical forest.
Ice sledging on Lake Khovsgol in Mongolia.
East Mitten Butte in Monument Valley, Arizona, in the US.
Lenticular clouds in the Eastern Pyrenees of Spain.
Fog rolling under the Golden Gate Bridge of San Francisco in the US.
Blizzard in Manhattan, snapped in New York City in the US.

MailOnline Travel segment features photo of lightning storm in Ha Long Bay

(VOVWORLD) - The Travel segment of online broadcaster MailOnline recently published a number of dramatic images, including a photo of a lightning storm over Ha Long Bay, from a book by Robert J Ford entitled “Weather.”

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