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Located about 16km northwest of Bac Ha town, Ta Van Chu commune is dreamily beautiful with white plum blossoms in full bloom.
Ta Van plum flowers have small petals and yellow pistils.
Ta Van plum flowers in Bac Ha often bloom later than in other places. They begin to bloom in mid February, and last 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the weather.
Ta Van plum variety is delicious, which ripe in the 6th and 7th lunar month. When ripe, the fruit is large and has a beautiful dark purple color. It’s sweet and crispy. Ta Van plum is an endemic fruit and tourism product, which attracts a lot of tourists to contemplate its flowers and fruit.
Plum trees are planted everywhere in the valley, forests, and along roads and fences around houses.
A Mong girl goes to the field in the early morning.
White plum flowers, pink peach flowers, and yellow mustard flowers make Ta Van a beautiful picture in the superb mountain.
Tourists take photos with white plum blossoms on Ta Van Chu hills in spring.
The best time to visit plum gardens is around 9 am or early afternoon. Don't come too early because the fog will obscure your vision. If you come in the late afternoon, the sun sets very quickly, making it difficult to take beautiful photos.

Peaceful Ta Van Chu Plateau adorned with white plum flowers

(VOVWORLD) - Visitors to Ta Van Chu commune, Lao Cai province these days indulge themselves in the romantic beauty of plum flowers in gardens of Mong families.

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