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Doctor Tran Duy Hung (standing), Vice Chairman of the Hanoi Military Commission, advances to Hanoi on the morning of October 10, 1954. (Photo:
Soldiers from the Capital Regiment head to Hanoi to take over the capital city on October 10, 1954 (Photo: VNA)
Soldiers march along Hang Gai street (Photo:
(Photo: VNA)
Soldiers welcomed by residents on Dinh Tien Hoang street (Photo:
The Hanoi cultural and art troupe, led by Hoang Cam, on Pho Hue street. (Photo:
Tens of thousands of people flock to the streets to welcome the victorious army heading to the capital city. (Photo:
(Photo: VNA)
(Photo: VNA)
Children happily welcome the liberation army. (Photo: VNA)
The streets are filled with national flags and flowers. (Photo: VNA)
Schoolgirls welcome Major General Vuong Thua Vu, Chairman of the Hanoi Military Commission, who leads the victorious army. (Photo: VNA)
Locals gather at Nga Tu So, singing revolutionary songs. (Photo:
Farmers outside Hanoi march at a ceremony welcoming the government back to the capital on October 10, 1954. (Photo:
A large photo of President Ho Chi Minh is solemnly hung at the main entrance of the Hanoi Opera House on October 10, 1954. (Photo:
Welcome gate is decorated with a banner and photo of President Ho Chi Minh on Cau Go street. (Photo:
The liberation army at a flag salute ceremony in Cot Co yard (Flag Tower yard) - Thang Long Imperial Citadel on October 10, 1954. (Photo:

Photos revive memories of Hanoi Liberation Day in 1954

(VOVWORLD) - The morning of October 10, 1954, saw thousands of Hanoi’s residents flood the streets with flags and flowers to welcome Vietnamese soldiers who took over the capital city from French troops.