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Beautiful images showcasing a lotus pond near Mua cave in Ninh Binh province have been widely shared on social media. Many viewers say they are surprised to see lotuses blossom in early winter while its season is always summer.
Ninh Binh lotus varieties are from Japan allowing the flowers to blossom throughout the year
The lotus pond has quickly become a famous check-in location for young travelers.
Visitors to the province at this time of the year are offered a wide range of lotus cuisine.
Lotus tea is the most popular specialty.
The parts of the lotus flower are made into typical dishes, bearing a Vietnamese flavor such as lotus buds, lotus jam, lotus tea, Making food using lotus seeds requires highly-skilled chefs
Salad made of lotus bulb
Lotus flowers, seeds, bulbs, and roots are utilized to create Vietnamese specialty dishes with specific characteristics and distinctive flavours

Sampling lotus cuisine of northern Vietnam

(VOVWORLD) - Parts of the lotus, including the stamen and seeds, are used to create a number of unique Vietnamese dishes. Lotus delicacies are among specialties of Ninh Binh province.