Yen Bai ready for Mu Cang Chai tourism festival

(VOVWORLD) -The Cultural and Tourism Week to explore Mu Cang Chai terraced fields in Yen Bai province will begin on September 21.

Yen Bai ready for Mu Cang Chai tourism festival - ảnh 1Terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai commune

The festival will feature a competition of the Mong’s panpipes, a parachute gliding event over the terraced fields, a market fair of ethnic groups, a photo exhibition of Yen Bai’s tourist attractions, and even goat fighting competition. Community tourism programs will be held at villages to entertain tourists.

Luong Thi Xuyen, Vice Chairwoman of Mu Cang Chai district’s People’s Committee, said: “We have worked with security forces to ensure order and smooth traffic on the way up to the pass. The health office will ensure food safety and hygiene. Cao Pha commune will mobilize its security forces to take care of the parachute gliding festival. Hotels and homestays have been arranged to serve an increasing number of tourists.”


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