Warm feelings between teachers & students in Truong Sa archipelago

(VOVworld) – In Vietnam, the student-teacher bond is strong regardless of circumstances or conditions. The relationship between teachers and students at schools in the Truong Sa archipelago may be even more special than elsewhere. Apart from broadening students’ knowledge, teachers Nguyen Ngoc Ha and Le Anh Duc think of their pupils at Sinh Ton School as family members.

Warm feelings between teachers & students in Truong Sa archipelago  - ảnh 1
Teacher Le Anh Duc and students at Sinh Ton Primary School.

This is the third academic year young teacher Le Anh Duc has spent at Sinh Ton primary school getting young children familiar with the alphabet. Duc loves the island pupils like relatives and, in turn, they love him like an elder brother.

He shared his feeling “the children here are natural and simple. They often come to school to consult us about one difficult word. I work there because it’s my mission and responsibility. I’ll do my best to help island pupils gain a thorough grasp of primary knowledge so they can continue their education on the mainland.”

Warm feelings between teachers & students in Truong Sa archipelago  - ảnh 2
26-year-old teacher Nguyen Ngoc Ha and 4 island pupils.

26-year-old Nguyen Ngoc Ha is another young teacher at Sinh Ton primary school. He says that in addition to teaching the materials required by the Ministry of Education and Training, he and his colleague Duc have organized extra-curricular activities to help the students become more confident, and prepare them to integrate with their peers on the mainland.

According to Ha, “the school is like my second home. In addition to my beloved students, their parents also take an interest and share our difficulties with us. This makes the children seem like my younger brothers and sisters. They consider us their uncles. My life here is close to everybody.”

Nguyen Tran Anh Luan, a fifth grader, said he feels proud of being praised for his academic achievements. “The teachers teach me a lot of things including Maths, Vietnamese literature, and technology. Their teaching is easy to understand,” Luan explained how he could get that result.

Le Thi Hoa Trinh, mother of first grader Vo Hoai Bao An, told us that “there are only two teachers on the island, so they give their best effort to the local children. With so few children on the island, they receive much more individual attention than their mainland peers and the bond between teachers and students is closer.”

Le Van Hai, Vice Chairman of Sinh Ton Island Commune, said “over the past few years, especially in the previous academic year, every student at Sinh Ton primary school was assessed as having a good or excellent performance. That result is thanks to the efforts of teachers Ha and Duc.”

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