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Located about 7km from the center of Dong Van district, the ethnic village attracts tourists for its age-old appearance. (Photo:
All the houses were built more than a hundred of years ago. (Photo:
The earthen houses are roofed with yin-yang tiles. (Photo:
The house has two parts – a warehouse and a main room where family members stay and cook. (Photo:
The houses have remained intact for a hundred of years. (Photo:
The children bring home grass and wood. (Photo:
The children play by the corn field in the village. (Photo:
The houses are surrounded by rock fences. (Photo: VOV)
The village welcomes more tourists in recent years. (Photo:
Making rice cake, a specialty of the Tay ethnic group (Photo:
Older people weave rattan containers. (Photo:

Thien Huong old village of the Tay in northernmost land

(VOVWORLD) - Thien Huong village of the Tay ethnic group is one of the most fantastic destinations to explore when visiting Ha Giang province, the northernmost land of Vietnam.