Van Kieu-Pa Ko revive traditional broacade weaving

(VOVWORLD) -Brocade weaving, an age-old craft of the Van Kieu – PaCo in the central province of Quang Tri, has faded into obscurity due to the commercial production of modern fashion. To restore the craft, local administrators have organized weaving workshops to help people earn extra income and encourage the traditional clothes be worn at community festivals, and as work uniforms. “Colorful Vietnam, Vietnam’s 54 ethnic groups” segment will introduce you to the activities that are helping the Van Kieu – Pa Co keep the art of brocade weaving alive.

A Bung commune, where brocade weaving craft has developed the most in Dakrong district, has four production teams. Craftswoman Doan Thi Nga said it takes them three to five days to weave a piece of brocade cloth and two to three days to tailor a set of clothes. The production has earned them extra income, restored the traditional craft, and met their passion for creating beautiful brocade fabric.

Mrs. Nga said it’s not merely weaving beautiful fabric for particular clothes and occasions, it’s about preserving the history and soul of the Van Kieu – Pa Co.

“This is the traditional crafthanded down by our ancestors. It’s my passion and occupation. I don’t want it to fade,” said Nga.

Van Kieu-Pa Ko revive traditional broacade weaving - ảnh 1Ho Van Hien, Vice Chairman of A Bung commune’s People’s Committee, introduces the brocade products made by A Bung's Brodcade Weaving Club.

A Bung commune authorities made staff uniforms of brocade fabric to help promote weaving production. Ho Van Hien, Vice Chairman of A Bung commune’s People’s Committee, said brocade products are widely promoted and more people wear Van Kieu – Pa Co traditional clothes to festivals and ceremonies such as weddings and funerals.

“Besides doing farm work, the women weave brocade to earn money. The local administration has encouraged state employees, teachers, and students to wear traditional clothes to offices and schools on Monday,” Hien said.

Ho Thi Kim Cuc, Vice Chairwoman of Dakrong district’s People’s Committee, said the government and organizations have helped villages restore traditional crafts including brocade weaving.

“Brocade weaving had fallen into oblivion some years ago. We have called on organizations to help local people revive the craft and promote its advantages,” said Cuc.

Thanh Hieu – To Tuan

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