VOVWorld – linking Vietnam with the world

(VOVWORLD) - VOVWorld or VOV5 of the Voice of Vietnam broadcast its first overseas program on September 7, 1945. Over the past 77 years, VOV5 has served as a bridge linking Vietnam with international friends. VOV5’s journalists, editors, and broadcasters have covered Vietnam’s politics, economy, culture, and social life, its achievements, and the challenges it faces.

VOVWorld – linking Vietnam with the world - ảnh 1Over the past 77 years, VOV5 has served as a bridge linking Vietnam with international friends. (Photo: VOV) 

VOV5 is also called the National External Information Channel, the Overseas Service, and VOVWorld. VOV5 broadcast its first programs in English, French, Cantonese, and Esperanto on September 7, 1945, just 5 days after President Ho Chi Minh read the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, now the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

After 77 years, VOV5 has expanded its programming to 13 languages - English, French, German, Spanish,  Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Laotian, Thai, Cambodian, Indonesian, Korean, and Vietnamese for overseas Vietnamese. VOV5 programs present Vietnam’s land, people, and culture. Here are some comments by VOV’s listeners:

“I’m a listener to VOV’s Indonesian program. VOV’s features include Discovery Vietnam, Village Life, Culture Rendezvous, and Personality of the Week, which help me better understand Vietnam, a dynamic country. I see many similarities between the Vietnamese and Indonesian cultures.”

“Through VOV programs, I’ve learned more about Vietnam’s history, arts, culture, and people as well as destinations in Vietnam. VOV is a useful channel for learning about Vietnam.”

With the development of technology, VOV5 launched the website vovworld.vn in January, 2012. 

“The VOV website has many videos, photos, and articles about Vietnam. VOV’s programs give me valuable information about Vietnam’s history, geography, and great personalities who have made great contributions to Vietnam and the world,” Peruvian listener Johnny Antonio Ramirez Lopez said.

In 2015 the Voice of Vietnam launched a 24/7 English channel to further promote Vietnam to the world. The channel, featuring news updates, Current Affairs, Food Delight, Culture Rendezvous, a Lunch Show with guests, among others, gives listeners insights into Vietnam’s politics, economy, culture, society, people, customs, traditions, cuisine, and music.

“I’m delighted to hear that VOV5 has been developing to meet the growing needs of listeners, particularly expats living in Vietnam. VOV5 programs have consistently progressed to higher and higher levels,” Mr. Dinh The Loc, former Head of VOV5, said. 

Many foreign listeners have set up Fanpages and become ambassadors to promote the image of Vietnam to the world. Rudy Hartono, President of the Borneo Radio Listening club in Kalimantan province, Indonesia, wrote a book entitled “My radio, my life” which shares his memories of radio stations around the world, including VOV.

“Vietnam is very close to me. I and the other 100 members of our radio club often tune into VOV’s programs and send listener reports to VOV. We gather information about Vietnam through VOV’s channels,” said Rudy. 

VOVWorld – linking Vietnam with the world - ảnh 2Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Communications and Education Le Hai Binh. (Photo: VNA)

Deputy Head of the Party Central Committee's Commission for Communications and Education Le Hai Binh said, “VOV promotes Vietnam through its radio programs and websites. This is an official information channel about Vietnam, promoting Vietnam as a peace-loving country that respects international law.”