COVID-19 test booths installed in epicenters

(VOVWORLD) - Five COVID-19 test booths have been donated to the Hanoi Center for Diseas Control by the TML voluntary team. Medical workers stand inside the booths to protect themselves from cross-infection and avoid heatstroke in the summer. 

COVID-19 test booths installed in epicenters - ảnh 1The TML group gives the COVID-19 test booths to CDC Hanoi.

Director of Ba Dinh district’s Medical Center, doctor Bui Van Hao and Vice Director of CDC Hanoi Khong Minh Tuan were the first users of the booths.

“We should have more booths to ease difficulties for medical staff,” said Doctor Tuan.

At peak times, medical workers have to work around the clock taking thousands of samples. The booths protect them from cross-infection, heatstroke, and sunstroke in summer,” said doctor Minh.

COVID-19 test booths installed in epicenters - ảnh 2The COVID-19 test booths help protect medical workers while taking samples. 

The COVID-19 test booth is about 2 square meters and 2.3 m tall. It has an air conditioner and air cleaning and filtration system. The TML team said they learned from Japan and South Korea’s models and made adjustments so doctors can work many hours in hot weather.

Dang Khanh Hao, a team member, said he came up with the idea to make the booth when he saw medical workers in scorching heat wearing protective gear. After consulting engineers, they produced 5 booths in 3 days.

“If the temperature is up to 50 degrees Celsius, medical workers can still work in the booths with air conditioners. Drawing inspiration from the booths in Japan and South Korea, we designed ours for two medical workers sitting back to back so people waiting can go in two directions. We have prepared sanitizers to prevent infection among people,” Hao said.

The TML team says they will donate more COVID-19 test booths to Hanoi, Bac Ninh, and Bac Giang province. They are willing to share the design with others, who want to develop useful products for people on the frontline of the fight against the coronavirus.

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