Liberation Radio Station – a sharp weapon in the war against US invaders

(VOVWORLD) - The Liberation Radio Station will be honored with the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces” on the occasion of VOV’s 73rd founding anniversary, September 7. The award is in recognition of the station’s contributions to the national liberation struggle against US invaders.
Liberation Radio Station – a sharp weapon in the war against US invaders - ảnh 1Staff members of the Liberation Radio Station (Photo: VOH) 

Following the establishment of the Southern National Liberation Front on December 20, 1960, the Party Central Committee assigned Radio the Voice of Vietnam to work with the Central Unification Committee and the Southern Branch of the Party Central Committee to establish a revolutionary radio station.

In the spring of 1961 the Editorial Committee of the Radio the Voice of Vietnam secretly sent some staff to the south to accomplish the task. On February 1, 1962, the Liberation Radio Station aired its first program. Despite the enemy’s attempts to destroy it, the station maintained its broadcasts to encourage both soldiers and civilians during the struggle. On August 31, 1976, the radio station ended its operation after fulfilling its task.

Sharp weapon

During the war, the Liberation Radio Station served as a sharp weapon against the enemy. It brought the voice of the Vietnam Southern Liberation Front and the provisional administration of the Vietnam Southern Republic to soldiers and civilians nationwide and to sympathizers around the world, helping them to understand the just struggle of the Vietnamese people.

Liberation Radio Station – a sharp weapon in the war against US invaders - ảnh 2VOV interviews journalist Tran Duc Nuoi, who worked for the Liberation Radio Station 

Despite many difficulties, the station managed to produce 10 hours of broadcasts daily in Vietnamese, French, English, Chinese, and Khmer with support from the staff of Liberation Radio Station A in Quan Su street, Hanoi. The programming covered developments in the southern liberation struggle and efforts to reunite the country and served as a bridge linking Vietnamese people and international friends. Journalist Tran Duc Nuoi worked for the station during those years: “Our programs aimed to help the world understand Vietnam’s just struggle. General Vo Nguyen Giap once said: “The Liberation Radio Station was a strong battalion that contributed to our victory.” Former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh said the station was a diplomatic strength supporting negotiations. The station also helped people around the world, particularly the Americans, better understand Vietnam.”

Nguyen Yen Tuyet, a news and current affairs reporter, recalled those difficult years during the war. She said that despite the danger, news from the battlefield was frequently updated: "We covered news about the southern combat zone. We went to many places to gather news. We visited military units and military hospitals where we met soldiers who had lost their hands or legs. Their sacrifices encouraged me to do my work.”

Distinctive title

Though it had to evacuate several times to avoid attacks by the American army during its 14 years of operation, the Liberation Radio Station maintained its broadcasts of fresh and accurate news. 24 station staff members died during those years. Journalist Nguyen Thi Kim Cuc worked for the Station’s News and Current Affairs section at that time: “The Liberation Radio Station fulfilled its mission in 1976 but its achievements and contribution to the national struggle against US invaders will never be forgotten. We’re proud of what we did during those years. The station’s achievements will live forever.”

42 years after the radio station ended its operation, it was honored with the title “Hero of the People’s Armed Forces”, in recognition of its contribution to national liberation.