President Ho Chi Minh lives eternally in young people’s hearts

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam is celebrating the 134th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh. For the younger generation of Vietnam, May 19 is a meaningful anniversary, an opportunity to express gratitude and respect for President Ho, the beloved leader of the Vietnamese people.
President Ho Chi Minh lives eternally in young people’s hearts - ảnh 1Schoolchildren of Trung Vuong school represented outstanding schoolchildren in Hanoi congratulated President Ho Chi Minh on his birthday on May 19, 1958 at the Presidential Palace (Photo: VNA)

Throughout his revolutionary life, Ho Chi Minh always demonstrated a deep love and concern for the younger generation. He organized and led generations of Vietnamese youth during the revolution, involving them in the struggle for national liberation and national construction and defense. He founded and trained the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Xuan Kien, a student in Hanoi, said: "President Ho Chi Minh harnessed the internal strength of the Vietnamese people, uniting them to achieve national independence and unity, and bringing happiness to the country. His entire life was dedicated to the people and the nation. The profound ideas and legacy he left behind continue to be promoted in national renewal, aiding in the rapid and sustainable development of Vietnam, aligning with his lifelong aspirations for the country."

President Ho Chi Minh's example has inspired the younger generation to strive in their study and work. Numerous youth movements have been effectively carried out, including the "Youth Startups" movement, "Youth Safeguarding the Homeland," "Youth Volunteers Build and Protect the Homeland," "Youth National Defense Movement," "Youth Volunteers," and the "Creative Youth Movement."

Ngoc Huyen, a student at Trade Union University, said: "Studying and following Ho Chi Minh's ideology, ethics, and lifestyle has become a primary task, especially for young people. Every year I participate in local volunteer activities, engage in sports, and continually seek to learn and develop myself."

President Ho Chi Minh’s example will forever light the way, leading the younger generation of Vietnam forward into a new era to fulfill a great responsibility of building a stronger and more beautiful country on a par with the great powers of the world.