Vietnam allocates all resources to contain COVID-19

(VOVWORLD) - After Vietnam had gone 99 days without a community infection, the COVID-19 epidemic reappeared in Vietnam, with the first case reported on July 25th in Da Nang city. It then spreads to other cities and provinces. Vietnam’s epidemic prevention network has now been reactivated to isolate epicenters and high-risk areas. Cities and provinces without COVID-19 cases continue socio-economic  activities as normal.

Vietnam allocates all resources to contain COVID-19 - ảnh 1Da Nang hospital is disinfected. (Photo:

Pandemic zoning

Da Nang city has been isolated to prevent the disease from spreading. Hospitals, residential areas, restaurants, and service units are being closely monitored and the travel history of infected people is being traced. Deputy Minister of Health Nguyen Truong Son led a delegation of medical experts to Da Nang.

 “We have quarantined and disinfected Hospital C, Da Nang Hospital, the Orthopedic and Physical Rehabilitation Hospital of Da Nang, and certain communities. High-risk areas have been isolated. The Ministry of Information and Communications has sent text messages to people who have visited Da Nang or had contact with someone who visited Da Nang. Approximately 1,000 students of medical and military schools have been mobilized to the fight. The situation is under control,” Deputy Minister Son said.

Other localities have sent experts and relief to help Da Nang combat the disease. Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City have sent highly skilled doctors to help treat severe patients. Hanoi donated money, facemasks, and hand cleaner. Minister and Head of the Government Office Mai Tien Dung told a regular government meeting on Monday in Hanoi“We are determined to take the strongest measures to contain the epidemic. The Prime Minister has asked us to send more medical staff and test kits to Da Nang and other cities with COVID-19.  To prevent the disease from spreading, mass screening using quick test kits is needed in high-risk areas.”

Cities and provinces which have cases linked to the Da Nang outbreak have done mass testing of returnees, shut down non-essential businesses like bars and karaoke parlors, and called off crowded events.

Drastic, not paralytic

The Vietnamese government is determined to contain the pandemic in Da Nang, while maintaining all economic development targets. Localities without COVID-19 are taking strict preventive measures but no travel restrictions to protect normal economic activities. Vietnam hasn’t ordered social distancing nationwide as it did from March to May.

Da Nang airport and long-distance passenger stations have been closed. The Ministry of Education and Training said it will hold this year's high school graduation examination on Saturday for students who don’t have to be quarantined. Students who have had contact with COVID-19 cases and must be quarantined will take the exam on a day to be decided later. 

Vietnam’s experience successfully containing the first phase of the COVID-19 pandemic is helping it respond to this outbreak. Vietnam is maintaining production and trade in order to realize the dual goal of epidemic containment and socio-economic development.

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