Vietnam poised to export Covid-19 test kits

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnam’s Covid-19 test kits attained a seal of approval from the World Health Organization after 5 rounds of strict testing and assessment. This opens the door for made-in-Vietnam test kits to be exported.
Vietnam poised to export Covid-19 test kits - ảnh 120 countries and territories have negotiated the purchase of Covid-19 test kits from Vietnam. 

The test kits, jointly developed and produced by the Military Medical University and Viet A Corporation, use the Real-Time RT-PCR method, the only method recognized by WHO for the detection of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Professor Doctor Le Bach Quang, Head of the National Science and Technology Programs for Medicine and Pharmacy, said the test kits, now recognized for the Emergency Use Listing by the World Health Organization and now with CE certification and a Certificate of Free Sale from the UK, prove Vietnam’s technological prowess. This green lights Vietnam’s export of the test kits and other medical diagnostic products.  

“If scientists, managers, and businesspeople cooperate, Vietnam is capable of producing and exporting diagnostic products for early testing of fatal infectious diseases,” Quang said.

Trinh Thanh Hung of the Ministry of Science and Technology said made-in-Vietnam diagnostic products are produced on a standardized assembly line. He said: “Vietnamese scientists and businesses are capable of developing high quality, international standard diagnostic products for export.”

Vietnam’s Covid-19 test kits produce results withint an hour, not counting extraction and transportation of samples Last month 20 countries and territories had begun negotiating purchase of the kits from Vietnam.