Young parliamentarians’ role promoted in realizing SDGs

(VOVWORLD) - The 9th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians hosted by the National Assembly of Vietnam for the first time concluded on Sunday. With the theme “The role of youth in accelerating the achievement of the sustainable development goals through digital transformation and innovation", the conference calls on young parliamentarians to uphold their sense of responsibility to realize sustainable development goals through practical actions.
Young parliamentarians’ role promoted in realizing SDGs - ảnh 1At the seminar on enhancing digital capacity for the youth

The 9th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians emphasized the important role of parliament in implementing SDGs, especially in perfecting the legal framework to realize SDGs.

At the same time, it upholds the "pioneering role" of young parliamentarians in bringing the voice of young people to parliament as well as applying innovation and creativity to implementing SDGs, affirming that youth participation will accelerate and find new directions for realizing SDGs.

Action, acceleration of SDGs

For the first time, the Conference of Young Parliamentarians adopted a statement on the role of youth in accelerating the achievement of SDGs through digital transformation and innovation. The statement came amid numerous difficulties facing countries in attaining SDGs. Only 12% of the goals have been achieved, and 50% of the goals are behind schedule.

The world is seeing a rapid development in technology, digital transformation, and innovation. As users of technology and facilitators of technology development, young people hold an important position in applying digital transformation and innovation to the realization of SDGs, making them accessible to everyone, and leaving no one behind. 

Young parliamentarians play an important role in developing a generation of technology-savvy and problem-solving youth to promote peace and sustainable development. Dan Carden, President and Chairman of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) Young Parliamentarians Forum, and a UK MP, said: "Science and technology hold the key not just for the development but also for peace and security. As young MPs, we have specific rile to play in nurturing a technology savvy and effectively aware of next generation. It's our collective responsibility to ensure technological innovation are governed by ethical principles that recognize culture diversity are strength for sustainable development. When harnessing the power of technology and innovation in a transforming world, we must work to maximize the positive outcomes while mitigating unwanted risks."

Mr. Duarte Pacheco, President of IPU, affirmed the pioneering role of the young generation, including young parliamentarians, in accelerating the implementation of SDGs in the coming years. He said it's important to engage the youth in the community, in politics and digital technology and urged for scaling up support and promoting innovation for sustainable development and achieving digital literacy.

The IPU President affirms the support of the IPU leadership, the Executive, the Secretariat and the Secretary General of IPU for young parliamentarians and their role in realizing SDGs. 

Young Vietnamese Parliamentarian’s role strengthened in SDG realization 

Vietnam has one of the highest proportions of people under 45 years old participating in parliamentary activities. They account for nearly 25% of the National Assembly deputies. Hosting the 9th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians is an opportunity for Vietnam to learn from parliamentarians of other countries.

Hoang Minh Hieu, a deputy for Nghe An province, said: "Young Vietnamese parliamentarians can learn from the experience of other countries about regulations, software, and applications that increase the participation of young people in policy making. A parliament has even set up a Future Committee to consider issues related to new technologies such as AI and blockchain."

Young Vietnamese parliamentarians are aware of their responsibilities and are committed to building regulations and a legal framework to oversee policy implementation. They are also striving to become global digital citizens and spread Vietnamese cultural values internationally.

Nguyen Anh Tuan, Chairman of the Group of Young Vietnamese Parliamentarians and Deputy Chief Organizer of the Conference, said: "At this conference, we want to call for and promote the spirit, sense of responsibility, and participation of Vietnamese youth in the areas of innovation, digital transformation, and promotion of cultural diversity for sustainable development. Only if young people are aware of their responsibilities in these areas, will they create a new resource for national development towards the goal of making Vietnam strong and prosperous as set out in the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress."

The fact that the 9th Global Conference of Young Parliamentarians took place right before the UN Summit on SDGs this week promoted the role of young parliamentarians in implementing SDGs. The Conference made young Vietnamese parliamentarians aware of their role and responsibilities in fine-tuning policies to realize SDGs through digital transformation and innovation.