Buon Ma Thuot – green city rich in ethnic culture

(VOVWORLD) - Buon Ma Thuot city, the capital of Dak Lak province in the Central Highlands, is gradually modernizing but it still maintains its greenery and preserve the culture of local ethnic minority groups. Villages and forests within city are the trademark of Buon Ma Thuot.

Buon Ma Thuot – green city rich in ethnic culture - ảnh 1Green space in Buon Ma Thuot city

Buon Ma Thuot city, under a scorching March sun in the dry season of the Central Highlands, is still incredibly cool and pleasant. Tree-lined streets and fresh air are two of the many delightful treats Buon Ma Thuot has to offer. Trees grow fast here thanks to the red basalt soil, mild climate, and rarity of storms. The Ea Tam spring winds through the city, part of the city’s drainage system and a contributor to ecological diversity and the urban landscape.

Ako Dhong village at the city center is a popular tourist destination, featuring long houses, orchards, and the distinctive culture of the Ede people.   

H Tit Alio, Secretary of Ako Dhong’s Youth Union, said preserving traditional culture is the key to local tourism development.

“We’re blessed to live in a village where everyone wants to preserve the Ede culture. We live in traditional stilt houses, drink straw wine, use the kpan couch, and wear our ethnic costumes. We can preserve our culture as long as we love it,” said H Tit.

Buon Ma Thuot – green city rich in ethnic culture - ảnh 2Ako Dhong village in Buon Ma Thuot city

Cultural preservation and economic development go hand in hand in other villages in Buon Ma Thuot city, where people weave brocades and rattan and make straw wine to earn their living. H Yam Bkrong, chief of Tong Ju village, is the director of the Tong Bong brocade weaving cooperative. Her family is building a homestay house furnished with traditional Ede furniture. She wants her homestay long house to be a mini museum of Ede culture.          

H Yam said, “We have created new brocade designs that match the interests of different age groups. Ede clothing is loved by both old and young. Product diversity has lead to more sales.”

Since it was liberated 46 years ago, Buon Ma Thuot has been evolving as the economic center of the Central Highlands.
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