Da Lat- A city of flowers

(VOVworld) – Da Lat city in the central highlands province of Lam Dong is called with different names due to its romantic beauty such as “Little Paris”, “City of Pine Forests”, “Land of Mist”... Da Lat’s flowers, lakes and waterfalls attract tourists near and far.
Da Lat- A city of flowers - ảnh 1

In recent years, Da Lat has been known as the city of Flower Festival. Since it was organized for the first time in 2005, the biennial festival has attracted a large number of tourists. During the 5-day Da Lat Flower Festival held early this month, more than 500,000 tourists came to Da Lat. Chairman of Da Lat Municipal People’s Committee Vo Ngoc Hiep said the Da Lat inspired visitors for its romantic beauty, charm and peace. Hiep said in addition to promoting the beauty of Da Lat, the Flower Festival introduced the visitors to the city’s floriculture and other local specialties. Hiep said:“The festival honors the work of horticulturists who perpetuate the iconic art of the city. The festival created an opportunity to promote Da Lat tourism potential illustrated in flowers, tea, and coffee. Promoting tourism will boost the city’s economic growth”.

Nestled at 1,500 meters above sea level, Da Lat is quiet and pretty all year with mild climate and temperatures oscillating between 15 and 24 degrees. In Da Lat, the climate changes along the day enabling tourists to experience 4 seasons a day. Da Lat embraces typical natural and cultural features of the Central Highlands. Nguyen Van Huong, former Director of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Lam Dong province says Da Lat authorities and people hope to promote Da Lat as a City of Flower Festival: “By planting flowers and trees around the city and in every house, especially in tourist places, we want to create a unique beauty for the city. We want to encourage everyone in the city to engage in planting trees and flowers in front of houses, offices and tourist places’

The Da Lat Flower Festival mobilized the participation of local authorities, enterprises, and the public. Dang Bao Vinh is a florist in Thai Phien horticulture village: “There are three horticultural villages in Da Lat: Ha Dong, Van Thanh and Thai Phien. Each of them has its own beauty. Van Thanh village specializes in planting roses. Thai Phien village grows varieties of chrysanthemums”.

Da Lat- A city of flowers - ảnh 2

In addition to its famous chrysanthemums, Thai Phien also offers eustomas and lilies. 320 out of 400 hectares of horticulture land are devoted to greenhouses. Thai Phien is the largest horticulture village in Da Lat. Horticulturists have fully taken advantage of technological advances and installed lighting systems and latest generation of watering. Visiting Van Thanh village, tourists are introduced to horticulture methods and flower harvest.

Feel free to visit the greenhouses and ask for exploring a wide variety of flowers. There you can also experience a working day of a horticulturist.