Visitors are charmed with Hanoi’s beauty

Visitors are charmed with Hanoi’s beauty - ảnh 1

Autumn breezes waft romance into every corner of Hanoi. The fragrance of ripe dracontomelon fruit suffuses streets blending with the fragrance of orchids and milk flowers. The comfortably cool weather is a relief to residents and visitors alike. Pei Zhou Ying, a Chinese visitor, says she likes Autumn in Hanoi and walking on the streets at night. He describes his night walk in the scent of milk flower as unique.

These days, it is a joy to walk along Hanoi’s shady streets or take a stroll beside West Lake or Hoan Kiem lake. Thu Huong, a photography lover, says she never misses a chance to capture the beauty of Hanoi’s autumn. “I don’t know why I love Hanoi’s autumn, whose beauty is elegant, sweet and pure. I like to see the charming of Loc vung trees near the lake, the fallen yellow leaves, feel the cool breeze, and breathe the autumn scent, the scent of young green rice and milk flowers”, she said.

Com, or young green rice, is an important element of Hanoi’s autumn. Ms Thanh Thuy has sold com for more than 20 years. “Most of my customers are regulars. They are foreigners and visitors from Sai gon and Hanoians who buy young green rice as a gift for relatives and friends. My customers also include overseas Vietnamese who miss the flavor com”, Ms. Thuy said.

In addition to young green rice and white milk flowers, the picture of Hanoi’s autumn is also painted with red leaves. Autumn is high for tourism in the city. Mai Tien Dung, Deputy Director of the municipal Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism shared that Hanoi’s autumn is breezy but still pleasantly warm for northerners. Dung believes that autumn in Hanoi with its little rain makes it special to tourists.

So far this year, Hanoi has welcomed 1.2 million visitors, up 19% from last year. The Hong Kong website Online Smart Travel Asia selected Hanoi as one of the top ten travel destinations in Asia in 2011.