Live - Inaugural VinFuture Prize Award ceremony

(VOVWORLD) -The inaugural VinFuture Prize Award ceremony be held at 8:10PM Thursday (January 20) at the Hanoi Opera House. We will soon find out the winners of the 1st VinFuture Prize.

Stay tuned for a prominent international event - the inaugural VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony, which honors outstanding scientific works and promotes the spirit of innovation serving humanity in 2021!

The in-person presence of the great minds of the global science and technology community at the inaugural VinFuture Prize Award Ceremony will contribute to positioning Vietnam as a new destination full of potentials for global science and technology.

The Award Ceremony will take place at 20:00, January 20, 2022 at the Hanoi Opera House, and will be streamed live on the National Television Channel VTV1, VinFuture Fanpage, along with international platforms such as CNN, CNBC,…

High profile ceremony with the presence of Leaders of the Vietnamese government, world-leading scientists – recipients of prestigious scientific awards such as the Nobel Prize, the Millennium Technology Prize, and the Turing Award…
Honoring the winners of the inaugural Vinfuture Prize, including the VinFuture Grand Prize and 03 Special Prizes for female innovators, innovators from developing countries, and innovators with outstanding achievements in emerging fields.
Outstanding Performances exclusively created for the Award Ceremony will be featuring two international music stars who have won various prestigious awards: John Legend and Dang Thai Son.

Commenting on the upcoming event, Professor Sir Richard Henry Friend – Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council and a 2010 Laureate of the Millennium Prize, said: “Science and technology need to deliver benefits to all peoples and all nations. The VinFuture Prize will recognize those whose brilliant science or engineering achievements can have positive impact on the lives of millions of people across the planet.”

Live - Inaugural VinFuture Prize Award ceremony  - ảnh 1

Professor Nguyen Thuc Quyen (UC Santa Barbara, USA), co-Chair of the VinFuture Pre-Screening Committee noted that these projects will definitely continue to impact the future of humanity.

“Proposals received great consensus among the Prize Council. I am very satisfied with the Prize as projects truly met all of VinFuture's core criteria,” she said. 

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