Anti-violence demonstrations spread in US

(VOVWORLD) - Demonstrations against police violence, triggered by the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man while in police custody in Minneapolis, have been spreading in the US for 12 consecutive days.

Anti-violence demonstrations spread in US - ảnh 1Demonstrators protest on June 6, 2020, near the White House in Washington D.C., over the death of George Floyd. (Photo: AP) 

In Washington D.C., 6,000 protestors on Saturday marched mainly in downtown areas and surrounding the White House.

Other protests in California, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Seattle also took place largely peacefully under police and National Guard’s supervision.

Hundreds of people attended George Floyd's memorial ceremony in North Carolina, where he was born and raised. His casket is set to be taken to his final resting place in Houston, Texas, where he lived for most of his life before moving to Minneapolis. Former Vice President and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is expected to attend Floyd’s Memorial in Houston.