Deputy PM urges for new generation of Vietnamese youths with strong aspiration

(VOVWORLD) - Fifteen officials of the Vietnamese Youth Federation were presented with the October 15 award at Tuesday’s ceremony in Hanoi in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the Federation’s activities and movements for young people.
Deputy PM urges for new generation of Vietnamese youths with strong aspiration - ảnh 1 Deputy PM Truong Hoa Binh and First Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union Central Committee and Chairman of the Vietnam Youth Federation, Le Quoc Phong, present the “October 15” awards. (Photo: Van Diep/VNA)

Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh praised the Federation’s achievements in reforming methods to mobilize youths and fully tap their capacity.

Mr. Binh said the Party and State have always put young people at the center in its strategy to nurture and develop human resources and consider the development of the young force a motive power to ensure the national stability and growth.

Deputy PM Binh said: “The Vietnamese Youth Federation needs to reform mode of operation to develop a generation of Vietnamese youths with patriotism, firm stuff, and strong faith in the path to socialism.”

He added: “The generation should be good citizens with a high sense of discipline, responsibility, and humanity, aspiration to study and better themselves, and a comprehensive understanding of national history, culture, and tradition. They should have an independent way of thinking, creativity, a venturesome spirit, and confidence in international integration. It’s necessary to make the Federation strong, united, and a real accompaniment of youths.”