European Film Festival 2020 to kick off next month

(VOVWORLD) - Three cities of Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Can Tho, are scheduled to host the European Film Festival in Vietnam 2020 from November 20 and December 2.

European Film Festival 2020 to kick off next month - ảnh 1A scene of "Before sunrise" movie 

The event is being organised by the EU Delegation to Vietnam with the support of the European Public Outreach Program, along with the participation of the EU Member State Embassies and European Cultural Centers in Vietnam. The festival is to celebrate the 30th anniversary since the establishment of diplomatic ties between the nation and the EU.

A total of 13 movies from 14 European countries will be featured during the event, many of which have won several renowned national and international awards.

Some of the films which are set to be screened include Denmark’s “That time of the year”, France’s “Louis by the shore”, Italy’s “Perfect stranger”, Spain’s “The silence of others”, and the Netherlands’ “Mr Twister at the pitch.”

Audience members will be able to view movies which take viewers on journeys through youth and maturity, history and modern life, whilst showing family values and loneliness in contemporary society, along with conflicts and hopes.

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