“Globalguytalk” invites men to talk about things they rarely mention

(VOVWORLD) - “Globalguytalk”, a Swedish gender equality initiative, was introduced in Vietnam on International Women's Day (March 8).
“Globalguytalk” invites men to talk about things they rarely mention - ảnh 1Swedish Ambassador Ann Måwe at the launch ceremony in Hanoi on March 8, 2021. (Photo: Swedish Embassy)

Initiated in 2016 by the Swedish non-profit foundation Make Equal, “Globalguytalk” offers an opportunity for men to share experiences and reach a deeper level of understanding of how norms and expectations often create an unhealthy, destructive environment that we are responsible for changing. 

At the launch ceremony in Hanoi, Swedish Ambassador to Vietnam, Ann Måwe, said the program’s aim is to start conversations between men that can influence attitudes and increase gender equality.

Ambassador Måwe said, "One part of achieving that is for men to understand their chance to be a part of positive change and to reflect on their own situation,” adding she believes “it’s necessary for a healthy family relationship that men talk to each other and overcome prevailing patriarchal mentalities of not sharing emotions."

To join a “Globalguytalk” program, just gather a group of guys and start talking about things that men rarely talk about, with the help of the conversational guides on the website: https://globalguytalk.com/.