Mass demonstrations protest US Army base in Okinawa

(VOVworld) – Nearly 35,000 people took part in a rally in Okinawa’s Naha city, Japan, to urge the Japanese government to suspend a plan to build a new military base in Henoko to replace a US base in Ginowan city. The rally took place after 2 days of peaceful demonstrations in Henoko and Ginowan.

Mass demonstrations protest US Army base in Okinawa - ảnh 1

About 35,000 people gathered Sunday in Okinawa to protest plans to relocate a U.S. military base in Futenma to Henoko district. (Photo: AFP)

Demonstrators adopted a resolution asking the Japanese and US government to halt the plan to move the Futenma military base from the crowded city of Ginowan to the less populous city of Henoko. Protesters criticised both governments for ignoring the Okinawa people’s desire to remove the US Futenma base from the island province, which undermines Japan’s democracy. They said the Okinawa people will never allow a new US military base and that removing the Futenma base is the only solution.

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