People relocated from flooded areas welcome a happy lunar new year

(VOVWORLD) - Sat villagers of Truong Son commune, Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province, are celebrating a new lunar year at their temporary homes after their houses were destroyed during heavy floods last year. 
People relocated from flooded areas welcome a happy lunar new year - ảnh 1Sat villagers are living in temporary houses. Photo: VOV

Thanks to the support of the local authorities and border soldiers, all Sat villagers are having a proper lunar new year (Tet) holiday with pork, sticky rice cakes, and chicken.

“We have been well taken care of by the local authorities and border soldiers who have done their best to ensure a happy Tet for us. I’m very thankful that we have everything we need for this special holiday of the year,” said Tran Van Truong, one of the Sat villagers.

Local authorities of Truong Son commune and border soldiers of Mo Village also joined the Sat villagers for Tet holiday celebrations. They helped the villagers wrap the square sticky rice cakes and host bonfire parties at night.

“We have coordinated with the local authorities to call for support from individuals, organizations, and donors to help Sat villagers enjoy a proper Tet holiday. In addition to giving them food for Tet, we also organized music performances,” said senior Lieutenant-Colonel Nguyen Van Huan, Head of Mo Village’s Border Station in Quang Binh province.

Resettlement areas for Sat villagers are expected to be completed after the Tet holiday.