People-to-people diplomacy requires new conception

(VOVworld) - Participants at a conference hosted by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) discussed how to reform and develop people-to-people diplomacy in the context of international integration in Hanoi on Thursday. In his remarks, VUFO President Vu Xuan Hong said that people-to-people diplomacy was an important part of international relations, since it meant the mobilisation of those at home and abroad for the cause of national construction and defense. He said that over the past 65 years the association has made big strides, contributing significantly to diplomatic work, the Doi Moi (reform) process, national construction, and defense.  He noted that the association has expanded its international friendship and improved the effectiveness of diplomatic activities in the spheres of peace, solidarity, friendship and cooperation among citizens.

People-to-people diplomacy requires new conception - ảnh 1

President of Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations Vu Xuan Hong  (Source: VNA)

Nguyen Tam Chien, Chairman of the Vietnam-US Society, described Vietnam’s diplomacy as comprehensive in the new period. He suggested Vietnam diversify and improve the effectiveness of its people-to-people diplomacy, so it could consolidate its position in the world arena on the basis of sustainable and rapid development, as well as settle challenges facing national security and sovereignty. The conference heard 20 reports on ways to boost people-to-people diplomacy amid international integration.