PM calls Vietnamese culture everlasting strength of the nation

(VOVWORLD) - Vietnamese culture is the everlasting strength of the nation, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh said at a special art show in Hanoi on Tuesday to mark the 80th anniversary of the Outline of Vietnamese Culture, the first document on culture issued by the Communist Party of Vietnam in 1943.
PM calls Vietnamese culture everlasting strength of the nation - ảnh 1Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh speaks at the event (Photo:

Mr. Chinh said that over the past eight decades the Outline of Vietnamese Culture has been applied flexibly, creatively, and effectively by the Party for national construction and defence.

He said cultural traditions create the character of the Vietnamese people, the great solidarity of the nation, creativity, and the ability to respond to difficulties and challenges in any circumstance.

The new development phase in a rapidly changing, complicated, and unpredictable world situation brings new opportunities and challenges for the conservation and development of culture, Prime Minister Chinh said.

To promote the best values of the nation and absorb the cultural quintessence of humanity for national socio-economic development, Mr. Chinh said Vietnam needs to unite behind great determination and strong efforts.

“It’s necessary to continue to study and clarify major orientations and perspectives as well as supplement and enrich the Outline of Vietnamese Culture. It’s also important to further raise awareness and action so that culture will truly inform all aspects of life,” said Mr. Chinh.

To that end, the government chief said all state and social resources should be mobilized and fully tapped for the comprehensive development of culture so that culture and people are truly the nation’s inner strength.

The PM called for appropriate investment in both human and material resources for rapid and sustainable cultural development, building a national value system, cultural values, and human standards that are closely linked to the preservation and development of Vietnamese family values in the new era.