Positive signals in US parliamentary negotiations over budget crisis and public debts

Positive signals in US parliamentary negotiations over budget crisis and public debts - ảnh 1
People are demonstrating outside Capitol Office asking to re-open the Government (Photo: Reuters)

(VOVworld) - US Democratic and Republican Parliamentarians are closer to an agreement to re-open the government and raise the national debt ceiling.
If the proposal is approved by the Democrat– led Senate, it will be moved to the House of Representatives under the leadership of the Republicans. US Senator Majority leader Harry Reid and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell jointly appeared at the Senate to express their optimism about the completion of the deal in the next couple of days. Reid said he believed that both sides would be able to reach an appropriate consensus allowing some government agencies to open again. They will even pay loans and begin long-term negotiations relating to the federal budget. Sharing the same opinion, McConnell hoped that both parties would reach agreement for their mutual benefit.

In response to the positive moves, President Barack Obama said progress seemed to have been made in Senate negotiations on the budget impasse. He expressed his hope that the cooperative spirit would result in agreement ahead of the Thursday deadline, when the US public debt will reach its limit of 16.7 trillion USD. But Obama also warned that the US government was poised for bankruptcy if republican politicians continued to play to their partisan factions.

Meanwhile the White House advised that the meeting between President Obama and congressional leaders was postponed so that the Senate could continue negotiations to make real progress towards a final solution.