President inaugurates VOV's South Central Transmitter Station

(VOVWORLD)-President Vo Van Thuong attended the inauguration ceremony of the Voice of Vietnam’s South Central Transmitter Station in Ninh Thuan province, on Friday.

President inaugurates VOV's South Central Transmitter Station - ảnh 1President Vo Van Thuong and delegates cut the ribbon to inaugurate the South Central Transmitter Station. Photo: VOV

The 13.9 million USD transmitter station is a major technical project invested by the State and  built, managed, and operated by the Voice of Vietnam. Construction started in 2020 on an area of more than 16 hectares in Son Hai village. The station is equipped with a 400kW medium wave (AM) radio transmitter system on a frequency of 1071kHz, ready to switch to DRM, the standardized digital broadcasting system.

President inaugurates VOV's South Central Transmitter Station - ảnh 2President Vo Van Thuong

President Thuong applauded VOV’s efforts and underlined how much it means to disseminate the voice of Vietnam, the voice of the Party and the State to the Southeastern seas and islands, as well as to remote areas of the South Central provinces to serve the people.

“VOV continue to invest in improving the quality of news and reports to best meet the information needs of the people, especially fishermen and soldiers at seaPromptly reflect the Party’s guidelines and State’s laws and policies as well as the implementation by localities, ministries and sectors."

"Efforts should be made to boost information on protecting national sovereignty, law obedience at sea, production experience, weather forecast, and ways to help people stay safe from storm at sea,” Mr. Thuong said. 

President inaugurates VOV's South Central Transmitter Station - ảnh 3VOV President Do Tien Sy

VOV President Do Tien Sy affirmed that the broadcaster is deeply aware of its responsibility and strive to fulfill the assigned tasks as a modern multi-media agency.

“Today, the Voice of Vietnam officially inaugurates the South Central Transmitter Station. From now on, the quality of radio coverage in the South Central coastal provinces and the Spratly Islands will be improved, contributing to political security, social order and safety and affirming national sovereignty in the East Sea."

"The transmitter put into use will enable fishermen, cadres, soldiers and people on the Spratly Islands to hear clearer, sharper and closer voices of the Party, State and people,” Mr. Sy said.