Referendums help to build a socialist state governed by law

(VOVworld) – National Assembly deputies discussed on Tuesday the draft law on referendums. The bill, drafted by the Vietnam Bar Association, is aimed at promoting people’s involvement in the building of a socialist state governed by law. Lawmakers agreed on the need to issue the law to concretize regulations of the 2013 Constitution, creating a legal foundation for people’s participation in state activities and the exercise of their right to mastery over important national issues. Some deputies suggested that there should be specific regulations about issues on which the National Assembly can decide to hold referendums. Tran Hong Tham, a deputy for Can Tho city, said: “I agree that referendums should be held on a national scale in line with the Constitution. I also agree that only issues of national importance should be decided by the people through referendums. The Presidium of the Vietnam Fatherland Front is entitled to request referendums, which will be an important information channel for the National Assembly to consider the issue.”