Russia may revise the free trade status with Ukraine

(VOVworld) – Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Vasily Nebenzya said that Moscow may revise the regime of free trade with Ukraine by increasing import taxes.

Russia may revise the free trade status with Ukraine  - ảnh 1
A checkpoint for export products near Russia-Ukraine border.

Nebenzya said Russia’s intention was still in full compliance with most-favoured nation status and the World Trade Organisation’s regulations.
“Pursuant to the Association Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, the Ukrainian market will now be open to a long list of agricultural products from the EU countries where the farming sector enjoys far bigger state subsidies than in Ukraine,” Nebenzya said. He also said he was afraid that Ukraine’s products would flow to the CIS Custom Union, including Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, warning that Ukraine’s signing of the Association Agreement with the EU would decrease its trade turnover with Russia – Ukraine’s no.1 export partner, accounting for 24 per cent of its total exports in 2013.
Regarding allegations against Russia about the conflict in Ukraine, Josh Ernest, White House’s spokesperson, said that the US supported any peaceful means for settling conflicts in Ukraine and had no intention of imposing sanctions on Russia. Ernest, however, insisted that the US was waiting on Russia’s actions, not for its words. He said that if Russia did not use its influence in eastern Ukraine, the US and its allies were ready to apply the next steps to isolate Russia.

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