Scholars, religious dignitaries comment on constitutional revisions

(VOVworld)The Vietnam Fatherland Front on Wednesday hosted a conference in Hanoi, seeking opinions from academicians, intellectuals, lawyers, ethnic people and religious dignitaries regarding the revised 1992 Constitution.

Scholars, religious dignitaries comment on constitutional revisions  - ảnh 1

Delegates said that the revisions confirm the idea of upholding the national solidarity and consider them to be a spur for national development. But they also said that the amended constitution should clarify the strategic role of ethnic issues, equal rights and obligations of ethnic groups, and principles and policies to settle ethnic-related problems. Superior Buddhist monk Thich Gia Quang, who is also deputy head of the Vietnam Buddhist Shangha’s Central Committee, commented on article 25 concerning religions and beliefs: “Article 25 should have anther point added, namely “The State facilitates the operation of religious organizations in accordance with the law, charters and regulations of religions as recognized by the State. It’s good because the people and world will understand how we care about and protect the religious practices of followers”.


Delegates proposed to clarify the role and position of the Party, the State and people, in which the role of the Fatherland Front and other socio-political organizations should be institutionalized.