Switzerland tops Europe for economic freedom

(VOVworld) - Switzerland is the most economically free country in Europe, according to an annual index published by the Heritage Foundation.
Switzerland tops Europe for economic freedom - ảnh 1
(Photo: Independent)
It’s notable success were judged to be due to the rule of law, open markets and regulatory efficiency. Switzerland gained 81 points and came fourth in the overall ranking, behind Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand. The Swiss economy benefits from high levels of flexibility and institutional strengths that include strong protection of property rights and minimum tolerance of corruption. Vietnam’s Index for Economic Freedom in 2016 rose 2.3 points to 54, ranking 131st in the world and 27th in the Asia-Pacific region. Vietnam is judged to be an open market-oriented economy benefiting from stable integration into the global economy following the privatization of state-owned enterprises, liberation of trade and investment mechanisms and improvements in the financial sector.