UK, US pledge freedom of the seas in Indo-Pacific

(VOVWORLD) - The UK and US pledged to preserve freedom of the seas as their military officers met in Washington on Tuesday before a massive joint deployment of the HMS Queen Elizabeth Carrier Strike Group (CSG21) to the Indo-Pacific region scheduled this month.
UK, US pledge freedom of the seas in Indo-Pacific - ảnh 1HMS Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier anchored at Solent, Portsmouth, UK on June 5, 2019 (Photo: AFP / VNA)

The UK's First Sea Lord, Admiral Tony Radakin, said the deployment of the new Carrier Strike Group is a testament to the strength of the special relationship "in an increasingly contested world," and a recognition of the economic importance of the region.

Admiral Radakin said Britain plans to increase its naval presence in the Indo-Pacific region. According to its evaluation, by 2040 to 2050, 40 per cent of the world's GDP will be in the Indo-Pacific. He affirmed Britain's commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific, allowing trade and prosperity around the world.

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