UN Security Council discusses Middle East situation

The UN Security Council convened a meeting on Tuesday in New York to discuss the Middle East situation amid complicated developments in the region, particularly the 2 hotspots of Egypt and Syria. Assistant Secretary-General for political affairs Oscar Fernandez-Taranco was deeply troubled that the crisis in those 2 countries, if not settled peacefully, is likely to be disastrous for the whole region.

UN Security Council discusses Middle East situation - ảnh 1
Violence in Egypt, one of the two hotspots in the Middle East, is raising great concern.
 (Photo: Reuters)

Taranco said the bloody conflict in Syria shows no sign of easing. 7 million Syrians are dependent on urgent humanitarian aid. He ruled out military solution to this conflict and urged all sides to sit down for negotiations to seek peace and national reconciliation.

The Assistant Secretary-General voiced his concern over fresh violence in Egypt, calling for all parties to halt the use of force.

Referring to last month’s resumption of talks between the Israelis and the Palestinians, Taranco asked them to do their best to reach a successful agreement which, he said, would inspire peaceful settlements of other remaining conflicts in the Middle East.