UN warns of threats of ISIS and al-Qaida

(VOVWORLD) - A UN sanctions committee against the Islamic State (ISIS) and al-Qaida warned on Monday that ISIS is evolving into a global network while al-Qaida may grow stronger still.

Dian Djani, chair of the ISIS and al-Qaida sanctions committee told the UN Security Council that ISIS continues to reinforce its emerging network in Iraq despite a substantial reduction in the number of global attacks. Mr. Djani said if the objective to survive and resurge in the core area is achieved, ISIS may be expected to revive its focus on external terrorist operations. He added that at present the ISIS core lacks the strength to conduct coordinated international attacks.

Meanwhile, he said, al-Qaida remains active in many regions and there is an attendant risk of al-Qaida growing stronger by taking advantage of the lull in ISIS strategic terrorist activities and staging a major attack of its own.

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