US congressman calls for a strategy against China’s non-military coercive acts

(VOVworld) – The US needs to work out a strategy to deal with China’s non-military coercive acts. Congressman Randy Forbes, Chairman of the Seapower and Projection Forces of the US House Armed Services, said during an interview with the US’s National Interest Magazine.

US congressman calls for a strategy against China’s non-military coercive acts - ảnh 1
Chinese ship prevent Vietnam Marine Police ship from performing their tasks in the East Sea (Photo: AFP)

Mr. Forbes said that the US’s role and responsibility to maintain the law-based order in Asia over the past decades were facing challenges from China’s advanced military and hostile actions, referring to China’s harassment of US’s USNS Impeccable Surveillance Ship in March, 2009. Congressman Randy Forbes warned of the possibility of a crisis and even a dispute in the Asia-Pacific region if China changed the military balance with its military and non-military hostile acts. China’s neighboring countries - Japan, the Philippines and Vietnam are waiting for a sign from the US to maintain order in the region where maritime security is respected and disputes are resolved in a peaceful manner.

According to Mr. Randy Forbes, China is creating complicated challenges because it is combining military force with diplomatic, legal and economic measures with the aim of changing the situation in the region. Thus, it is essential to have a strategy that mobilizes US power to deal with China’s ambitions.

Congressman Forbes said that the US lacks a regional strategy to prevent China’s increasing strength. He added that the incidents at Scarborough Shoal, and Vietnam’s Hoang Sa archipelago, as well as a Chinese plane crashing into the USS Cowpens plane last December, showed that China intends to cause tension with neighboring countries and even with the US. The US needs a strategy to control and prevent China’s growing aggression.