US to enhance military cooperation with Asia-Pacific

US to enhance military cooperation with Asia-Pacific - ảnh 1
Mr. Panetta said US naval strength should be enhanced in the Asia-Pacific region
(Photo: Reuters)

(VOVworld) - It’s time to build up and strengthen US naval forces in the Asia-Pacific region, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta on Tuesday told graduates of the US Naval Institute. He said the US attaches great importance to enhance its power in the huge Pacific region, so the graduates’ mission will be to boost defence ties with China, strengthen relations with old allies including Japan and South Korea, and build up partnerships with Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Panetta said the US  will share security responsibility with other countries in the region as national defense cooperation plays an important role in ensuring regional peace. The US will get more involved in maintaining its power in the Asia-Pacific region, and that will be reiterated in the Secretary’s upcoming visits to India and Southeast Asia including Vietnam. Panetta added that the US will make a greater investment in safeguarding its automated systems and ensuring its special forces’ readiness under any circumstances.