US unilaterally sanctions Iran

(VOVWORLD) - US President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday authorizing new sanctions on Iranian officials and entities, and anyone who sells arms to them.
US unilaterally sanctions Iran - ảnh 1 Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility. (Photo: IRNA/VNA)

He said his administration will never allow Iran to have a nuclear weapon, nor endanger the rest of the world with a fresh supply of ballistic missiles and conventional arms. To ensure this cannot happen, he issued a new Executive Order restoring UN sanctions on Iran and imposing new sanctions and export controls on 27 entities and individuals that support Iran’s nuclear, missile, and conventional arms-related activities. Mr. Trump said the US will use every tool at its disposal to stop Iran’s nuclear, ballistic missile, and conventional weapons pursuits.  

Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Zarif rejected the US sanctions, saying the sanctions will have not much impact on Iran.   

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