Vietnam achieves high in gender equality

(VOVWORLD) - The Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs in 2018 completed a report to review 10 years of the Law on Gender Equality. 
Vietnam achieves high in gender equality - ảnh 1

Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Nguyen Thi Ha (R) and UNFPA Chief Representative in Vietnam Naomi Kitahara (Photo:

The report assessed the compliance of the Law on Gender Equality with international standards on human rights and other laws in Vietnam to identify pending issues and shortcomings for better implementation of the document.

Speaking at a seminar on Thursday in Hanoi to publicize an independent report, the Chief Representative of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in Vietnam Naomi Kitahara said: "Vietnam is a signatory to numerous UN instruments addressing gender equality, women rights, and women empowerment. In 2006, the country promulgated the Law on Gender Equality which mandates state entities to fulfil their responsibilities on gender equality and address any violations. During 10 years of implementation of the gender equality law, Vietnam has become one of the countries in Asia and the Pacific region which has made a lot of progress on gender equality."

"We have seen remarkable achievements on women’s rights and the leadership, not only in health and education, and by strengthening the legal and institutional frameworks. As one the 17 SDGs, gender equality and empowerment of women are indispensable for all aspects of people’s social economic rights. Gender equality is not only a basic human rights but also a necessary foundation for peaceful and prosperous Vietnam. Without addressing the issue of gender equality, there’s no way that Vietnam can achieve SDGs by 2030 and we have only 10 years left to do that," Ms. Naomi added.   

Participants of the seminar called for joint efforts from governments, relevant ministries, agencies, and the private sector to promote sustainable development by 2030 to leave no one behind.