World powers urge de-escalation of Israel-Iran conflict

(VOVWORLD) -The international community has urged Israel and Iran to avoid any further escalation following Israel’s air strikes on Iranian targets in Syria on Wednesday. 
World powers urge de-escalation of Israel-Iran conflict - ảnh 1World powers urge de-escalation of Israel-Iran conflict 

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Thursday called for a dialogue between Israel and Iran, adding that both sides should avoid acts that could lead to a spiral of conflict. 

German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the escalations show it is truly about war and peace, while the German Foreign Ministry called for a de-escalation of tensions. 
British Prime Minister Theresa May called for calm on all sides, and asked Russia to use its influence in Syria to prevent further Iranian attacks.
Syria's foreign ministry said that the salvo of Israeli strikes on its territory marked a "new phase" of direct involvement in Syria’s seven-year conflict, emphasizing that Israel's direct confrontation signals the start of a new phase of the war.

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